Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks Off

So I haven't blogged not for almost 3 weeks, meaning I have had 2 Tuesdays (which was my resolution) with no posts.  As such, any readers I might have had probably gave up on me and won't read this anyways, but I am back on the wagon (so to speak).

My absence, despite the good reasons for it, have me thinking about the importance of accountability.  As has a book I have been reading Transforming Discipleship by Greg Ogden.  In it he talks about many things but most interesting to me so far is the reaffirmation of the Triad form of accountability groups.  In these groups, three people covenant together to go on a discipleship journey together, to keep each others trust and hold each other accountable on that journey.

His point is that one-on-one relationships are good, but the addition of the third party brings an added dimension to the accountability structure.  It isn't just one person you are letting down, or one persons ideas you are hearing from but you have conversation partners that work together offering ideas, asking questions.

So far in 2011 I have tried to have coaching conversations with all of our council members who are leaders of teams. For the most part these have been relatively fruitful but I wonder if an additional piece would be to subtract myself out of the equation and create triad groups within the council.  Groups where they meet together and hold each other accountable for the work of their teams, their communal growth.

Accountability is hard but good.  As I don't have a covenant relationship re: blogging here, it was easy to slip away and forget to continue my resolution and not be called on it.  Not sure that my blogging is that important of a part of my life of discipleship (or anyone else's for that matter), but there are many other things that are.

A blessed Holy Week to whoever might be out there.


  1. wonder if the triads will find their way to Abiding Grace

  2. Well,just my humble opinion, but, in a way, you DO have a triad relationship in your blogging--you, God and us--your reading audience. I look forward to them. Although I might not read them the day you post them, I always do. And I've had FB friends copy and post them and pass them on. Accountability is hard, but good AND necessary. We might as well practice here on this side of heaven, because on the other side, we all will be accountable for what we did, for what we didn't do, for ALL of our sins--both omission and commission. Miss you guys and wish Kendra was closer to being done with school, as three churches in Decorah are looking for pastors...be blessed and I'll be thinking of you in church on Good Friday, I think it was always one of your best.

  3. Accountability! Sometimes that word seems kind of scary. But, the idea of a triad and being answerable, so to speak, to two others, seems like a very do-able thing. Sometimes that third person can bring in a whole new dimension to your thinking.