Saturday, December 11, 2010

vocation and joy

I watched a member of my congregation tonight fully living into his vocation.  This is a business he inherited from his father, has nurtured and grown, and now his son, daughter-in-law, wife, friends and employees were out working with him as he brought joy to hundreds, some of whom are children who may not see another Christmas.

What a joy to watch someone live into their vocational calling.  To see what gifts they can give, to experience great joy in those gifts and bring others along with him.  It was a privilege from nika and I to be there and experience it.  And a reminder to me to make sure that in my vocational calling I truly take joy in the opportunities I have to serve, live and love.

RT, I am grateful to know you.

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  1. They are a pretty special family, I agree!!! Now you see why this has become one our Holiday traditions.