Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post the First

Well I have officially landed in my new hometown of Fort Worth. In this new call, which I am sharing with my wife K, I am only 3/4 time. As a result, I plan to blog more regularly. The topics are going to range, but specifically I am interested in Leadership Studies (both in the church and non-church worlds), the Use of Scripture, Coaching, Church History (especially related to leadership) and finally, Football!

The blog is named Cowtown Lutheran because that is who I am. I am a native Texan from Austin (and have the license plates to prove it) who has sojourned around the country getting education and work experience. By chance, or the Holy Spirit depending on your view on these things, I have now wound up back in my home state as the Lead Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Worth (Cowtown) while my wife K goes to Brite Divinity School and serves as our Teaching Pastor.

My ambition is to blog at least once a week about various topics of interest, current events, books I am reading etc... Please note that my views published here are my own, they are not those of Trinity Lutheran Church, the ELCA, Trinity Lutheran Children's Center, my wife, my family or anyone else you might like to hold responsible for my statements. If you find what I write interesting or worthy of comment please do so, if you have topics you might like me to discuss please let me know. It is good to be back in Texas and back on the web.


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